Master of research and symbols, lives and works on the hills of Garda Lake.

After a long personal growth journey leading him to deepen psychological disciplines, concerning the human sciences, he is so as to apply on himself excellent performances in painting and art experimentation resuming with renewed vigor and motivation.

He attends the LA.BA of Brescia with Rinaldo Turati; he graduated in modeling and sculpture with Cesare Monaco, in drawing and painting with Davide Castelvedere at the School of Arts and Crafts of Ricchino of Rovato (BS); the latter Maestro is a point of reference in his artistic growth.
His meeting with the Austrian Master Erwin Kastner, pushes him to deepen the technique of watercolor and acrylic in “spontaneous realism”, which evolves him in a continuous search of purely “emotional” artistic expressions.

After the meeting with the sculptor and painter Mario Pavesi In 2015 (student of Henry Moore, internationally considered one of the greatest contemporary sculptors) he becomes his pupil, by creating sculptural works in raku ceramics, gran-fire and bronze.

In the national scene he is known for his ability to deepen culturally and historically cycles of difficult approach, such as the one on the theme of Leonardo da Vinci and his contemporary heritage that leads him to accomplice over thirty paintings of deep meaning and careful technique.

He is a founding member of the Larch Cultural Association in Brescia, where he teaches watercolor and painting in “spontaneous realism”.

In 2017 he took part in the Infinity Master Class of Professor Giammarco Puntelli with exhibitions in the Ducal Palace of Sabbioneta, at the Pall Mall in London, at the Naive at the Sebastian Art Gallery in Dubrovnik.

In 2018 he took part in the Genius Master Class of Prof.Giammarco Puntelli with exhibitions in Palazzo Medici in Florence, Palazzo Pretorio in Anghiari (AR) and Vinci Museum in Vinci (FI).

He appears on in the very first pages of the Catalog of Modern Art – Giorgio Mondadori and his works are on the Giorgio Mondadori editorial catalogs and on the series of The Choices of Puntelli always published by Giorgio Mondadori all the same.

His works are present in Italian and foreign private collections and his quotations are constantly increasing.

“Giovanni Masuno is the painter of the great narrations and the cultured artist who transforms stories and tales into the eternal emotion of colors and the drawing.”  (Prof.Giammarco Puntelli)