INFINITY: art dialogues with medicine and science

Working on the theme of Infinity, that is, the art that changes human emotions and chemistry, is very difficult.

To do all this, creating a bridge between the rules of art and the great scientists, such as Tesla, Galilei or Marie Curie, , creating an entire pictorial cycle on the theme of Infinity, is insane.

It is necessary to have an uncommon culture and a courage out of the norm.

Giovanni Masuno, capable painter, attentive scholar, researcher of mysteries,omnivorous reader and lively thinker of pictorial surrealityandnarrativethemes,already disciplined agonist in sport and chef in titled cusines, faced all this with the intellectual aggressiveness necessary to analyzethe relationship between painting and science, in the light of an emotional, unstable, balance.

Thus the cycle of “Infinity” by Giovanni Masuno was born, dense with symbolism, a dialogue between colors and history. Conceived as a treatise in which to explain the human system, within which to mix scientific discoveries,the elements of chemistry, the laws of physics, the thirst for invention and discovery,all this compared to the theories of colors, the power of drawingand above all a rare ingredient in the artists that is unique in Masuno.

We are talking about how much the teacher has the gift of vision.

The work was born not from an architecture, from a plot or from a theatricality of elements located according to stable and fixed laws,it was born of visions in which Giovanni Masuno finds, with instinct, the dialogue between the elementsand where the culture of sleepless nights spent on books and hours spent in librariesare combined with the techniques acquired in artistic training and calibrated on his personal temperament.

Difficult to choose a single work in an exemplary cycle, welcomed with enthusiasm by people, criticized and built with intelligence and technique as a master.

We have preferred to comment here the painting concerning Nikola Tesla.

Giovanni Masuno, with a visionary ability and an extraordinary awareness of colors,captures the emotion of a figure, giving, in a few centimeters, the synthesis of the flamboyant story of a brilliant mindthat captures the sense and the system of new inventions from lightning.

The figure of the thinker emerges, at a distance, as a contemporary Prometheus, by stealing from the gods those secrets that can illuminate minds and cities.

Everything appears inserted in an extraordinary story that makes of a scientist the symbol of a life attitude that knows how to go beyond the boundaries and think about the planning of the future.

With this cycle, Giovanni Masuno explores the history to find the icons that become symbols of behavior and ways of thinking, the master, artist and futurologist, gives us a new reading of the dialogue between art and science.

Professor Giammarco Puntelli