Giovanni Masuno and the code of the mind

After the success of the Infinity Cycle, Giovanni Masuno, is leading his artwork inspired by the renowned Maestro da Vinci to Anghiari (AR), the city symbol of Leonardian memory.

About thirty canvases, inspired by Leonardo’s research, history and codes.

The historical research, the reflections made in the light of candles, the consultation of yellowed manuscripts and photocopies, are all settled at this “Natural Domus” at Palazzo Pretorio.

A knowledge that starts afar becomes drawing, and color because the meaning of attitudes life of Leonardo’s life.

This timeless mind code meets the reticular, mental and multidisciplinary approach of an artist who combines passion, history and science, in the indefatigable research of man for man.

This is how cycles and personal events are dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci with technical skills, attentions and clear pictorial focus, in a sort of book to leaf through, which, from its biographical and legendary origins, leads Leonardo to meet the present day, in the unquestionable essence of a pioneering intelligence.

Giovanni Masuno is one of the protagonists of a complex artistic leadership, and with his ability in using of symbols and the history of art he is one of the most interesting, cultured and important teachers of his generation.

Prof.Giammarco Puntelli