Giovanni Masuno, uses the earth as substance inert, but bubbling, fermenting, has an inner life that we see arrested in the work that fascinates and seduces, but which could, in an endless life, that our eyes and hearts cannot grasp, continue to rise, to germinate.

In this sense Masuno is a humanist, chasing an essentiality immediate, all-encompassing, suspended between subtle symbolism and naturalism, in the sense of reflection on the nature, reconstruction of appearances and scattered suggestions, that the sculptor collects.

The very fact that causes him to give life to a project, through  which it seeks to uncover personality who, through their commitment and their genius, contributed to the “dignity” smart a city and a province always active and industrious, is the manifestation of an atavistic belonging to his land, its rites and its “symbol” more authentic.

One of the figures of Giovanni Masuno sculpture is its lightness, despite or against the natural gravity of the matter who uses : the same leavening that we find in the series of watercolors that complete the project, air events, the colors that are spread on vaporous and gaseous sheets, seductive in hushed tones or jaded, in the volatile inconsistency that make them airy.

Large sheets that give the feeling of pleasant alienation and the impossibility of reducing to order the relationship between nature and spontaneity, between disorder and precise balances, between geometric rigor and passion.

Novellara, 19.02.2016
Mario Pavesi