Giovanni Masuno is a Master.

We can understand it from his great mastery of painting technique (but also sculptural) that allows him wonderful drawing.

The spontaneous realism of Giovanni Masuno tip on the first impression, but it is measured and compared with the required speed of execution that leaves so little opportunity for review.

Giovanni Masuno knows it and when he starts, fast, to drawing a precise mindset he doesn’t spend more than thirty second for tract.

He surprisingly, then, in speed, but also in accuracy and freshness.

It isn’t only the subject, the painter remains recognizable for his accurate determined stylistic consistency from his extrovert “modus colorandi”.

Giovanni Masuno soften as he likes convincing easily experienced observed and not.

He attract for his almost abstract hue and, why not, sassy.

Orange is always too orange, the red is pure. So the shades become combinations daring strengthening overview.

It is the color to set the rules and time of perception. A color capable of important changes, such as the range of human feeling.

Giovanni Masuno doesn’t say it, but if in the construction of certain landscapes and faces there is the desire of a historic and psychological excavation, equally in all his work there is a deep study of color, which becomes a subtle alchemical work of synesthetic convergences.

So the orange is also a smell and a taste, maybe even a music. And the blue of the water has, sometimes, the taste of salt on the lips of those who dare to defy the waves.

Prof. Massimo Rossi – Professor of Art History at the University La Cattolica of Brescia