“Le scelte di Puntelli : GENIUS: Il code of the mindmeets Art.”

Giovanni Masuno is a profound connoisseur of official story, parallel stories, symbols and the thought of many pictures of our past. For past we intend to mean more than art history but also the history of science and literature. The conversation with Masuno becomes complex, deep in the reference, hard to get because he masters and readings deepenings, theories and reports, knows biographies and thought.

Leaving from such foundation in the direction of artistic Genius. Il code of the mindmeets the Art, the artist grabbed the challenge and the test, complex to realise, an entire pictorial period dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci, he wanted to take, with hisability, a vision, doing the profile of the genius throughout human history, philosophy, particularitities.

Itis on thisland, slippery and complex, who moved Giovanni Masuno, sure and certain in the culture acquired a scareful and respectful one objective of the difficulty of the same task on loan from him on the occasion of the event of Genius.Il code of the mindmeets the art.

From your engagement and skill an exemplarycycleisborn, itis for the techniqueis for the arguments, one round on Leonardo Da Vinci, a cyclethat can be divided, in turn, in threecycles.

To engagement and hisability from an exemplary cycle is born, it is for the technique is for the arguments, one round on Leonardo Da Vinci, a cycle that can be divided, in turn, in three cycles.

First it is about the story of Leonardo Da Vinci. And so, on the first floor, we find personal events from the symbols on the birth of secret thought, to his presence in the artistic green bone of a wonderful period as difficult to live, is for politics is for excellence of art.

In the second cycle we recover the same thought of Leonardo and so his study of nature, the flight, the machine of war, the philosophical reflexions difficult even to materialise in the metaphorical painting, not far from informal temptations and skill, that the same Masuno, complete painter, he wasable to do.

The third period is about the “” open windows on the future: from the staminali to recent research CERN.

Allt hose withins of curiosities and intelligence tha twould have taken the life of the master Da Vinci , partly emerged “in the same spirit” from some Leonardesque written and codes. What has the characterised vinci’s painting,

in every single work, is the enormous curiosity and being to interdisciplinare in performing his artistic mission.

Giovanni Masunosign in the view of the Italian art for the attitude of deep curiosity, of great intellectual challenge for the focus ability, and therefore to build and complete exaustive pictorial cycles about various topics. Interlacing often the same arguments from different disciplines scientific and cultural posters.

This very artistic, intellectual and cultural attitude is typical of a certain period of history, lived and practised by Leonardo Da Vinci